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Our stories are important and telling our stories is how we help others. Public speaking, live workshops, and one-on-one coaching are some of the many ways we can share our stories. Working with people face-to-face is powerful and helpful, but it takes running an online business to have the greatest reach for the lowest price while creating the opportunity to generate more income for your business. This is important because without financial resources your story, your message, and your ability to serve the greatest good will suffer.

            --Miles Eddy

Miles Eddy's Story

So what is my story? I invite you to watch this 11 minute memoir video I produced for the Southern Colorado Film Festival. One small chapter in finding my path to helping others.


Transforming YOUR Life Story into an ONLINE Experience that Transforms Others!

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SynthFestUSA 2019 Promo Video

Another Heartfelt Production by Miles Eddy


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