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Who am I? View my 11 minute memoir video below then check out my Portfolio for examples of videos I produced for clients.

“A Hermits Odyssey” – How I learned about community through videography.

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Miles Eddy Teaches Video Productions

You know you need a video.  Now what?

Using videos for social media marketing can be a daunting task, but by breaking it into small steps it isn’t so bad. I am an experienced video/audio producer for promotions, commercials, tourism, fund raising, outreach programs, and TV. Still feeling overwhelmed? I’ll help you feel comfortable in front of a camera, or we can turn your existing promotional material into videos, so don’t worry if you’re camera-shy. I have been producing multimedia since 1986 and love helping clients such as the Colorado Science Fair, Adams State University, and the City of Alamosa. I can even help you with the technical side of things like setting up your domains, email, and web sites.


At Your Service

One well produced video on your website home page is all you need to get started. To promote that video, though, you will need a series of shorter videos to distribute on social media sites each directing people back to your home page. I provide full production services to create your promotional video and can then quickly and affordable produce a dozen single-talking-point videos for social media marketing. Don’t need or can’t afford high-end services, I can edit your graphics, pictures, and text to your own audio narrative repurposing material your probably already have.

  • You own the copyright to all videos
  • Fast turn-around time
  • 20% discount when ordering five or more videos
  • Free quotes for your projects

Fast and Affordable
You talk on video and I edit

Have a video camera?
I will edit your footage into a professional video.

The most affordable way to get a message on the Internet is to talk to a video camera and have the raw footage processed for the Internet. This service includes trimming the front and end of your video, adding a title screen, strategically overlaying your website address, and ending with a call-to-action like going to your website or signing up for your news letter.


Videos from your images, text, and audio
You talk on video and I edit

By editing pictures, graphics, and text to an audio narrative, simple but effective videos can be affordably created. Even a PowerPoint or other presentation can be used to create videos. The audio can be something you record, a script you provide, or just music. Check out an example I did for a real estate campaign in the Denver, Colorado area.

Example video produced from images, etc.


Full Service Video Producer
Come to Your Location

Your main promotional video better look good! I’ll videotape your experts, client testimonials, and all the other sights and sounds needed to edit a professional promotional video. Need training videos? How about a ten minute loop for trade shows? There are a lot of reasons to invest in a high-quality video. Best of all, I can take unused footage and create a dozen quick “magnet” videos you can use for social media marketing on the Internet. There are lots of ways I can add value to your investment, so give me a call.

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Portfolio of Miles Eddy

I am an experienced video/audio producer for promotions, commercials, tourism, fund
raising, outreach programs, and TV. Strengths include helping people feel comfortable in
front of a camera and teaching about how to use videos for social media marketing. I also
develop web applications for promoting online videos as well as set up the technology needed for using client videos in web promotions.

Here are just a few examples…

Corporate Client: The Bridge at Alamosa

A good example of composing custom music from “loops” and editing music to story. An Assisted and Independent Living Facility located in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. “We are committed to giving our residents the freedom to enjoy a carefree lifestyle.”

Educational Client: Colorado State Science and Engineering Fair

A good example of editing story from individual interviews of non-professional talent. The Colorado State Science Fair honors excellence in science, engineering, and technology; providing opportunities for students from all regions of the state to create and present their research in environments that nurture interests in science and technology; promoting professional skills, high ethical standards, diversity, and continuing intellectual development.

Non-Profit Client: New Mexico Mission of Mercy

Producing this video was a labor of love for me. After having videotaped three Mission of Mercy events in Colorado, this was the first one I also got to edit. These events have touched my heart in a way that nothing else has in a long time, and I encourage everyone to get involved. In fact, during this event is when I decided to create my new production label “A Heartfelt Production” after operating as Midi Age Production for over 30 years. One of my favorite moments in this video happens at 4:25 where someone in the background says “I’m so happy”. I did not notice this ambient voice until I was well into the editing, but feel it reflects so much of the energy and appreciation of those this event helped. For more information http://www.nmdentalfoundation.org/

Want more examples?
Give me a call.

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